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Bonus Content: Recipes and Shopping Lists



  • Lorraine Reagan

    Where are the receipts?  I need help.  All this does is re-route me back to nothing.

  • Lorraine Reagan

    I ado not want to do the full account nor track my food.  I follow your direction to the letter but I'm tired of eating the same food.  CAN YOU PLEASE RESPOND WITH SOME RECEIPS. 

  • Robbiebauder

    I don't want to see any 1 particular person or employee's facebook, instgram, twitter, social media account profile to "follow." I am here to learn about healthy eating, get shopping lists and print recipes. As well as view and participate in exercise plans/programs. 


    As an American population in general we are already inundated with too much social media, phone, email, computer technology information & stimulation. IT GETS VERY ANNOYING TO HAVE TO DISTILL EVERYTHING! I want something that is SIMPLE, QUICK, EASY, EFFICIENT, RELEVANT >>>> RELEVANT IS KEY HERE.  And if things look good and are working well >>>> PLEASE DON'T CHANGE IT UP ON ME THE NEXT DAY OR WEEK OR MONTH SO THAT I HAVE TO RE-LEARN EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN! That is another very annoying nuance of internet technology.  

    Simpler is better. Keep it that way. Loyalty comes from familiarity. Too much change turns people off. 

  • Andrea Mennes

    are dry figs and dates allowed?


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